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Where does PhotoLinker keep files?

PhotoLinker does not keep a permanent copy of your photos or your tracks. Any persistent references to these assets (like the TrackManagerDatabase) should be considered a 'cache' only.

PhotoLinker keeps several files in your user Library folder. To access the folder on 10.7 (which is hidden by default) in the Finder hold down the option key while selecting "Library" from the "Go" menu. Inside the Library folder PhotoLinker has the following files and folders.

Application Support/EarlyInnovations/

This contains your track database. If you delete this, you will need to reimport all of your track files.

Application Support/PhotoLinker/

This contains metadata templates, as well as a folder of plugins.


This contains various caches of data that can all safely be deleted. Although it is safe to delete the TrackManagerDatabase, it is important to note that it can take a long time to regenerate this cache. PhotoLinker may appear to 'hang' when it is restart the first time because it is regenerating this cache file.


This contains the basic application preferences, like window sizes and default selections.

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