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PhotoLinker's Photo Annotation Philosophy

Many popular websites and applications allow you to annotate your photos by adding keywords, a description, a title, a location, a list of the people in the photograph and many other tags. These websites and applications generally suffer from two major deficiencies:

  1. Annotations are often exclusively added to a propriety database, and not written back to the photo. This means that unless the software or website is still available in, say, 50 years, the annotations will be completely lost.
  2. Programs that do write the annotations directly to the image file usually corrupt existing tags or write partial information.

PhotoLinker solves both of these issues.

  1. PhotoLinker write the annotations directly to the photo so that your annotations stay with the photo forever. After annotating with PhotoLinker you can use other programs or upload to popular websites with the knowledge that your annotations will stay with your copy of the photos.
  2. PhotoLinker is one of first application to adhere to Metadata Working Group Guidelines for Handling Image Metadata. These guidelines ensure that annotations are handled correctly. In addition, PhotoLinker maintains transparency about how it handles the metadata by using open source tool ExifTool and showing exactly which tags are between read and written.

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