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Topics central to using and understanding the geotagging tools available in PhotoLinker.


PhotoLinker provides a range of tools adding location data to your photos, known as geotagging. This can be used to record the location created, the location shown in the image, and the direction the camera was pointing.

PhotoLinker offers multiple methods for geotagging selected photos.

  1. Drag photos directly from the image browser onto the map.
  2. Right-click on the map and 'Geotag to Point'.
  3. Use the Geotagging Console with extensive options for automatic geotagging with a GPS receiver.

These tools are available in the Geotagging Console and are divided into three modes: auto, manual and single.

In addition to geotagging the location created, PhotoLinker also supports setting the image direction and the location shown.

By default, PhotoLinker automatically reverse geocodes the geographic coordinates when geotagging.


PhotoLinker will automatically place a geotagged photo on the map.

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