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Reverse geocoding

Reverse geocoding takes geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) and attempts to convert them into a human readable location, such as city state and country.

By default PhotoLinker automatically reverse geocodes each time a photo is geotagged (either location shown or location created). The default behavior can be changed in the Geotagging preferences.

PhotoLinker will also reverse geocode from existing geographic coordinates by either right-clicking on the photo or selecting from the Photos menu.

Selecting a reverse geocoder

The process of reverse geocoding is not an exact science and in some cases the results can be nonsensical. For this reason PhotoLinker lets you sample and choose from three different different reverse geocoders---Google, Microsoft and Geonames---that can be found in the Reverse Geocoding preferences.

Choosing which tags get written

Because reverse geocoding can often lead to nonsensical results, the Reverse Geocoding preferences include options for determining what granularity of tags you would like written (e.g., only write the country tag, but skip the state and city tags). Of course, you can always manually enter the location data.

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