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Map Your Photos

Whether your photos are geotagged using PhotoLinker or automatically geotagged using your camera, PhotoLinker lets you interact with and explore your photos on a number of different high quality maps. More...

Got Direction?

Add image direction to your photos and display the direction on a map. Fine tune the image direction added by supported cameras (Note: iPhone 3GS and newer are supported). More...

Photo and Metadata Exporters

Export resized images that contain all of the correctly formatted metadata. You can also export photo metadata in a number of formats.
Developers: build your own exporter with Photolinker's plugin SDK.

Slide Show

Show off your adventures with a customizable map featuring your tracks and geotagged photos alongside.

Future-proof Tagging

Tags are written directly to the photo or its sidecar (and not a proprietary database) so that your annotations stay with the photo forever. After annotating with PhotoLinker, upload your photos to popular websites.

MWG Compliance

Metadata Working Group [metadataworkinggroup.org] (MWG) compliance ensures that your annotations are read from and written to your photos using new industry standards.


PhotoLinker supports roughly 100 industry standard tags including the most popular like title, description, people, and keywords.

Customizable Metadata Editor

PhotoLinker lets you customize the metadata editor to show exactly the tags you want. You can regroup, reorder, and rename tags to streamline your workflow.

Open Source Transparency

Tags are read and written with the open source tool ExifTool [sno.phy.queensu.ca]. PhotoLinker shows you exactly how the tags will be changed so that you can track exactly how your photos' metadata will be modified. More...

Date Shifting

Incorrect time on your camera? PhotoLinker makes it easy to correct all the times on your photos.

Advanced Date Tools

Add dates to scanned to photos or copy dates between tags. PhotoLinker will even help you automatically set the Finder's file creation date to the date the photo was taken.

Robust Photo Support

PhotoLinker can read and write jpeg images, as well as most RAW file formats. In addition, PhotoLinker has complete support for XMP sidecar files.

Explore your Tracks

Explore your GPS track history on different high quality maps. View information about individual track points or the entire track. More...


Choose different size, border color, and fill color for your tracks and waypoints.

Import GPS track files

Import from the most common GPS track files including GPX, TCX and NMEA log files. For more help or information you can visit the website of gpsbabel [gpsbabel.org].

Track Database Performance

The track database for PhotoLinker is designed to scale to years of data and millions of track points without slowing down.

Automatic Geotagging

Drag in your GPS tracks, drag in your photos, and immediately PhotoLinker will show you the proposed locations to geotag your photos. Watch the proposed locations change instantly when you adjust the time and time zone of your photos. More...

Advanced Options

PhotoLinker provides an array of advanced criteria for determining which photos are geotagged. Feedback is instant and you can see exactly where the photos will be before you hit the geotag button.

Manual Geotagging

Even if you don't have an GPS, you can simply drag a photo from the image browser, drop it onto the map, and boom!, you've geotagged your photo. More....

Reverse Geocoding

Automatically fetch the city, state, and country tags based on the GPS location of the photo from Google, Microsoft, or GeoNames. More...

Download on the Mac App Store

Download and purchase PhotoLinker for OS X 10.9 on the App Store. PhotoLinker is also available for previous versions of Mac OS.

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