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Supported photo file formats

PhotoLinker uses Phil Harvey's ExifTool [queensu.ca] to read and write metadata from photos. Most file formats listed on the ExifTool homepage as having "R/W" capability are therefore also supported by PhotoLinker.

If your raw file format is not supported, one possible workaround is to convert to Digital Negative [adobe.com] (DNG) format. The DNG format is designed to be an open, unifying format for raw files.

Although CRW (Canon Raw) is listed as a "R/W" format on the ExifTool [queensu.ca] homepage, the file format does not support EXIF and geotagging [wikipedia.org]. CRW files will work with PhotoLinker, but will automatically use an XMP sidecar file rather than write directly to the photo.

  • CR2
  • CS1
  • DNG
  • ERF
  • HDP, WDP
  • IIQ
  • JP2, JPX
  • MEF
  • MOS
  • MRW
  • NEF
  • ORF
  • PEF
  • PNG
  • PSD
  • RAF
  • RAW
  • RW2
  • RWL
  • SR2
  • THM

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