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iPhoto Integration

PhotoLinker seamlessly integrates with your existing iPhoto '09 database so that you can use the powerful geotagging and annotating tools of PhotoLinker, while still using iPhoto to manage your photos.

PhotoLinker reads all the annotations and adjustments you made to your photos in iPhoto. Any changes you make to the photos in PhotoLinker will then be written back to the photo and automatically updated in iPhoto when you click Write Changed Tags.

Adding Photos from iPhoto

There are two ways to add photos from iPhoto '09,

  1. Drag photos from iPhoto and drop them onto PhotoLinker's photo browser or map.
  2. Choose Photos > Load Photos from iPhoto from the menubar.

Note that simply dragging a photo from the Finder (or onto the application icon) will not result in syncing the tags back to iPhoto. When PhotoLinker has identified the photo as originating from iPhoto, it will place the iPhoto logo in the lower-righthand corner of the image. This indicates that the photo is syncing with iPhoto.

When any loaded photos are syncing with iPhoto, the iPhoto logo appears next to the Write Changed Tags button. An orange dot appears next to the specific metadata tags which sync with iPhoto. All tags will continue to be written to the images files as usual.

Event and People Tags

The event and people (iPhoto's Faces) tags can be optionally read from iPhoto. Select the photos you wish to copy the tags to, right-click (control-click) on one of the selected photos, and choose Copy event tag from iPhoto or Copy people tag from iPhoto.

Any changes you make to these tags will still be written back to the file, but will not be updated in the iPhoto database.

Migrating Photos out of iPhoto

PhotoLinker can copy the tags from the iPhoto database and write them directly to the image file (or sidecar). Once you've added a photo from iPhoto and (optionally) copied the event and people tags, you can then choose Synchronize metadata by right-clicking (control-clicking) on one or more selected photos. This will take all the current values of the tags you see in PhotoLinker, and synchronize them across the image, sidecar and iPhoto metadata.

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